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Interior designing is all about appearance as much as its about bringing peace, harmony and organization to your home, office or restaurant. If you are buying a new residential apartment or villa, or remodeling your home, hospital, modular kitchen, office, hospitality, or retail project you will be best served to have the advice of professional interior designers and civil contractors.

Like every entrepreneur we had a dream, we didn’t just stop at our dream junction, but took it forward with utmost dedication and sincere efforts and laid the solid foundation for one of the most prestigious venture; TARGET INTERIORS PTE LTD. Target Interior is a team of professionals comprising of Interior designers, architects & civil engineers and contractors who have hands-on experience & expertise in the fields of Interior designing, Interior Renovations, Corporate interiors and turnkey contracts for more than five years.

It has evolved successfully and today stands strong as a first generation venture in the market where others boast of a generation tree. This depicts the vigor and valor of the founders. It took years to reach there, loads of investment, world class finishes, having eagle’s eye for precision and finally charming out the finish that will provide value to customer’s request. Our aim is simple, to ensure excellence of both practice and product, and thus help you to renovate your life.

While beginnings daunt most they invigorate all of us at TARGET. Good beginnings are the best opportunity to get things right and keep them right.

Whoever said “Well begun is half won”, must have been taking about ‘Target Interiors’.

India has witnessed an economic upturn in this new millennium. India today desires a lifestyle that reflects their hard earned prosperity. One of the first priority is to renovate their homes. This has led to a huge increase in every aspect of interior solution, starting from customized requirements and finally into readymade systems. We will also be making modular systems, thus empowering Indians by giving them the opportunity to choose how they want to renovate their house and their lives.The growth of our company has stood with quality in our work can compared with any no value product. Target interiors use branded raw materials which are sourced from popular players and design contractors in our organization. Since our vision is to renovate the lives of every Indian, we deliver a wide range of products that not only matches international standard but brings them into your homes and make your dreams come true.
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